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Bailey-Lion Cut
The best thing you could do for you and your cat is get him groomed - no more furballs, hairballs, or shedding - it's great!!!
02/09/2014  Five Star review from Jan Gump
Bella Before
Bella After
Older Cats can become matted very easily as they are not able to care for themselves like when they were younger. Grooming can be very difficult on a kitty that is not use to being groomed.
Heavy pelted matting is uncomfortable and unhealthy. All extremely matted cats are at risk of getting knicked during the grooming process, but older cats are more at risk due to the thinning of their skin as they age.
Groomers have special tools to help your kitty stay in great shape.
Buster- Such a handsome boy!
Not all kitties are this laid back, but starting them on a grooming schedule while young can teach them that the grooming process is not so bad.
Gonzo shows Kayla some loving as she makes him feel and look his best.
While Lucky makes his owners think he doesn't like his grooming when he hides at the sight of his carrier, he seems to really enjoy his bath and shed out. Lucky is very regular and gets groomed every 4-6 weeks.